How can parents help their children emotionally “survive” the divorce?

We recommend that each spouse works diligently to replace the destructive” marital” relationship, whatever the current status, with a strictly and solely “parenting” relationship. Replace marital strife with relationship. Replace martial strife with parental cooperation. Most importantly, the one remaining interest both parents share after the dust settles and the final judgment is entered, is the health, welfare, and maintenance of the party’s minor children. That is really it! To accomplish this seemingly impossible task, research supports the premise that both parents must commit to develop and exhibit to their children a mutual willingness to cooperate, compromise, and communicate with one another in regard to the minor children and eliminate the inappropriate behavior toward their spouse.

Each parent must refrain from making their child the “victim of this adult process. **

Remember your children are not your friends, not your confidants, not your counselors; they are your innocent children who need to remain children, throughout the divorce and after.***