How do you recommend that parents accomplish the “do not criticize the other parent” rule?

Parents should take very seriously the alarming and devastating effect of divorce on the lives of their children. Frequently,  the parties, damaged  and bitter  by a destructive relationship in an unsuccessful marriage, project unknowingly, their disappointment, fear of the unknown, sadness, and confusion to their children.

Granted, it is virtually impossible to go through a divorce silent where the family unit, as the parties know it, is destroyed.  Research shows this very unintended act by the parent can precipitate  long-term emotional trauma resulting in severe damage to the emotional stability of the children, if left unchecked.

In our practice, we recommend counseling, if at all possible, for the parents  with a psychologist, a mental health therapist, trained clergy, and support groups to help provide education and emotional guidance. Further, we encourage parents to take advantage of additional parenting classes offered for the high intensity situations or the parent who simple needs more guidance, beyond the required Children In Divorce Class, which teaches parents to support and assist their children, while minimizing the destructive aspects throughout the process.