Enforcement of Court Orders
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Enforcement and Contempt of child support, alimony and family support, and child custody orders

When the rules are set by the Court and your former spouse does NOT “play by the rules”, how do you protect yourself and your family?

Once a Temporary or Final Judgment has been reached either by mediation or litigation and entered by the Court, the specific terms and conditions set forth are enforceable by Florida Law.

When your spouse is not in compliance with the Court’s. Orders and places you and your family in jeopardy, you may utilize the powerful remedies provided by Florida Law: Enforcement and Contempt, including garnishment procedures, judgments for arrearages, income deduction orders, sanctions and attorney fees.

When you are in need of enforcing the terms of your divorce decree, whether it be the violation of the child custody issues, alimony and support issues, property division issues, or in need of modification, please contact us to prevent further unnecessary injury to your family at the Law Firm of Treece & Treece.

Please carefully review the following frequently discussed questions prior to our first consultation to help define the issues relating to your specific family matter.


  • My spouse is not paying the Court ordered Child Support/Alimony payments. What rights and remedies do I have to protect my family?
  • What are the various ways Child Support/Alimony payments can be made, monitored, and collected?
  • What are the benefits of the paying parent utilizing electronic transfer, check, or money order directly to the non-paying parent?
  • What are the advantages of the Income Withholding Order?
  • What is the legal criteria for the Court to issue Judgments for Child Support Arrearages?
  • When is it appropriate to implement Wage Garnishment for a payor spouse?
  • What authority does the Florida Department of Revenue have in regard to collecting past due child support?
  • When and under what circumstances would the Courts enforce a Child Support Order by the following:
    • Income tax refund interception,
    • Unemployment benefit deductions,
    • Workers’ Compensation Deductions.

If your former spouse is in violation of the Court’s Orders regarding Child Custody issues, please review the following frequently discussed questions prior to our first consultation.

Enforcement of Court Orders: Child Support Questions

When parental responsibility and timeshare/visitation has been determined in the Parenting Plan and incorporated into the Final Judgment and one parent fails to comply with the terms of the Parenting Plan, what rights and remedies does the complying parent have to enforce the Court’s order?

When the non-complying party is acting in such a way as to jeopardize the health, safety, or welfare of the child/ren, the complying party has the legal remedy of Enforcement and Contempt.

Parent: My former spouse frequently does not pick up our child for the timeshare/visitation on his/her weekend because the significant other is there. Our child is devastated; what should I do?

Parent: My spouse always has his or her significant other present when our child has his/her timeshare/visitation. This “intrusion” really bothers our child and creates even more barriers. Is there anything I can do to change this behavior?

Parent: My former spouse is almost always two hours late returning our child on school nights, in violation of the Parenting Plan. Our child’s grades, behavior, and health are adversely affected. I have spoken repeatedly to my former spouse, but nothing has changed. What can I do to stop this?

Parent: My former spouse just shows up at my house to “visit” with our child when it is not his/her allotted time. It disrupts our plans for that day. Do I have to allow this?

Parent: My former spouse continually changes the schedule without consulting me until the “last” minute, after all of our plans have been made. How do I stop this?

What are the legal requirements to petition the Court for a Modification in the Custody Order?

As your advocate, the Law Firm of Treece & Treece, will advise you on the various methods available to enforce the Court’s Orders, when there has been a violation. We will counsel you regarding solutions to your specific problems in your family matters, specifically, enforcement and contempt procedures. Further, we will implement all necessary safeguards and procedures to insure compliance with the Court’s Orders when considering the enforcement, contempt, and when prudent, modification.

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