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TREECE & TREECE is a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED LAW FIRM in all areas of family law. We have expertly resolved or litigated literally thousands of Family Law Cases for clients with legal problems very similar to yours for forty years. We understand that Divorce is one of the most devastating, challenging experiences in your life where your dreams have been shattered and you must face major changes in uncharted territory. We invite you to sit down with us, speak confidentially and candidly about your legal concerns and work “hand-in-hand” with our firm to resolve your family law issues.

Your legal team at TREECE & TREECE will answer your questions, explain your legal rights and develop a strategy to bring about a positive, constructive solution to your DIVORCE EXPERIENCE, your CHILD CUSTODY DETERMINATION and your FINANCIAL EXPOSURE.

We not only bring to the table knowledge and years of experience to address the personal and legal PERSPECTIVES of each spouse in conflict and litigation with the other, we offer proven STRATEGIES for settlement negotiations, mediation, or litigation developed over many years in the “trenches” fighting for our clients.

In keeping with our Mission Statement at TREECE & TREECE, we strive to protect your legal rights, minimize the emotional trauma and destructive effects of your divorce and establish a constructive avenue by which you and your family can achieve a positive, stable, emotional and financial condition through amicable negotiations, but, make no mistake, we will provide aggressive representation when necessary for you.

Divorce is not limited to strictly legal issues…

YOUR ATTORNEY HUSBAND/WIFE TEAM AND PARENTS AT TREECE & TREECE are deeply concerned about your everyday progress throughout the process and encourage you to learn and develop techniques, take classes, study information to enhance your survival, and ultimately, bring about a new found peace for you and your family. We continue to include in our package helpful tips, articles, and information concerning the many issues you are tackling at this time in your life.

We, at TREECE & TREECE, we utilize a host of good, reliable resources in our community as needed to help our clients. We encourage you, when necessary, to seek assistance from therapists, family counselors, family doctors, clergy, ministers, rabbis, and others from your particular religion or faith , financial advisors, fitness trainers (yes, this is very important-join a gym) speak with a nutritionist, and much more to bring comfort and satisfaction to your life.

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