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Debra Treece Divorce Attorney JacksonvilleThe Co-founder of the Law Firm of Treece & Treece chose the practice of law as the “tool” to channel her efforts to accomplish her first commitment: that of serving others, to resolve problems, and make lives better in a very significant way. She attributes her devotion to the practice of law and her commitment to service to her father, who dedicated his life to public service as a lawyer, state legislator, and judge. His example of the highest ethical standards and deeply spiritual foundation was her guide for life. She explains, “I was raised in a family where public service was the ultimate goal and the practice of law with its powers, privileges, and responsibilities afforded one the opportunity to achieve this treasured end. To strive to make a difference in the lives of others is the gift inherent in the practice of law”.

Mrs. Treece graduated from the University of Florida and Cumberland School of Law and has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1985. She has chosen to focus and develop her practice in all areas of Family Law since the inception. Her professional experience includes the simple to the complex Matrimonial Law Cases involving Litigation, Mediation, and Resolution. Mrs. Treece’s legal practice includes, but is not limited to, Divorce Law, Child Custody, including the Establishment and Resolution of Parental Responsibility Issues, Timeshare, and Parenting Plans; Child Support; Family Support and Alimony; Equitable Division of Marital Properties, both Asset and Debt Distribution; Enforcement and Contempt Procedures for Violations of Court Orders; Modification of Court Orders; Paternity Cases; Domestic Violence Injunctions; Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements and Simple Wills ( at this time).

Early in her career, Mrs. Treece has been a member in (past and present) the Professional Associations including the American Bar Asssociation; the Florida Bar Association; the Florida Family Law American Inn of Court; the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar; and the Jacksonville Bar Association.

During her later years in the legal profession, she and her husband/law partner, Thomas D. Treece, have contributed to many colleagues and the community at large by participating in, and often hosting, Divorce and Family Law Seminars providing education in the areas of Divorce Procedure, Family Support, Alimony, Child Custody, Division of Assets and Debts. Treece & Treece has further provided educational forums in Family Law Seminars on topics, such as the Legal Effects of Marriage regarding Real Estate and Personal Property, Financial and Retirement Accounts, and the Legal Effects of Remarriage regarding Support Obligations for Children and Spouses, Assets and Debts, and Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements and more for clients and the community at large.

This Husband/Wife Legal Team at Treece & Treece frequently encourage those contemplating or undergoing Divorce to seek assistance from many of the following disciplines depending upon the specific need. The necessary support may include therapists/physicians for psychological needs, family counselors specializing in child development areas, family doctors, clergy from all faiths, financial advisors, credit, career, and education advisors, fitness trainers, and more to help facilitate peace, stability, security, health, and balance. The Treece Team explain, “ It is our professional, as well as, personal goal that our families emerge from the devastating experience of divorce into a stable and healthy financial and emotional condition”. Mrs. Treece continues, “We strive to establish a constructive avenue by which the client can identify and pursue successfully their personal, family and life goals”.